CSBG FY19 Tribal Annual Reports Due December 30, 2019!

On November 21, The Office of Community Services (OCS) held a webinar for Tribal grantees detailing the CSBG Annual Report Submission Process. Tribal grantees are encouraged to use the CSBG FY19 Tribal Annual Report Fillable PDF to ensure all required information is included in the submission.

Additional resources available on the CSBG Online Resource Center:

  • CSBG FY19 Annual Report Guide: This guide provides step-by-step directions for completing the fillable-PDF to ensure a complete and comprehensive CSBG FY19 Annual Report.


For FY19 Annual Report content, contact:
Isaac Davis, Prog. Specialist: Isaac.Davis@acf.hhs.gov.
Jane Golden, Tribal Liaison: Jane.Golden@acf.hhs.gov.

For OLDC technical questions, contact: Niki Frazier: Nikita.Frazier@acf.hhs.gov.

For CSBG Technical Assistance, contact:
Lali Teitelbaum, Manager, Lux CSBG Tribal T/TA: Laura.Teitelbaum@luxcg.com or (301) 244-3557.
Nicole Oxendine, Lux CSBG Tribal T/TA Director: Nicole.Oxendine@luxcg.com or (301) 244-3514.