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CSBG Dear Colleague Letter: FY20 Tribal Annual Report – Extended Due Date

November 20, 2020

On November 20, the Office of Community Services (OCS) released the CSBG DCL-2021-03 FY 2020 Tribal Annual Report – Extended Due [...]

October 16: CSBG Latest News & Resources

October 16, 2020

On October 16, the CSBG Tribal Training & Technical Assistance Program released another special email announcement to the CSBG [...]

CSBG Dear Colleague Letter: Release of COVID-19 Funds

October 15, 2020

On October 13, 2020, ACF’s Office of Community Services (OCS) released the CSBG DCL-2021-01 Release of COVID-19 Funds. This Dear [...]

October 1st: 2nd Annual Tribal CSBG Roundtable

September 29, 2020

The Office of Community Services (OCS) invites you to attend a special session for Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Tribal [...]

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