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CSBG Annual Report

All recipients are required to submit a CSBG Annual Report every year. The deadline for the mandatory FY2021 CSBG & CARES Act Annual Report is March 31, 2022.

CSBG Annual Report Fillable-PDF CoverFY2021 CSBG Annual Report Instructions Action Transmittal – On December 30, OCS released detailed guidance on the FY2021 CSBG & CARES Act Annual Report.

FY2021 CSBG Annual Report Fillable-PDF Tool – An OCS-approved template that is organized to comply with federal requirements. All CSBG Tribal grant recipients are encouraged to use the CSBG Annual Report Fillable Tool.

FY2021 CSBG Annual Report Training Webinar – A guided webinar with complete instructions on how to complete the CSBG Annual Report Fillable-PDF Tool and access available TTA support.

FY2021 CSBG Annual Report OLDC Submission Step-by-Step Instructions – Instructions for submitting the Annual Report in the Online Data Collection System (OLDC).

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