On June 13, 2019, ACF’s Office of Community Services (OCS) released the CSBG Action Transmittal 2019-03 Application for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Based on the Availability of CSBG Funds. This Action Transmittal details the instruction requirements for the FY 2020 CSBG Tribal Plan and Application material requirements, updated by OCS each year.

Please Note: New policy changes have been made this year to make room for a smoother application process.

Deadline dates:

  • September 1st, 2019: FY 2020 CSBG Tribal Plan and application materials
  • December 30th, 2019: FY 2019 Annual Report Report


Free Tools and Resources

The CSBG Tribal Training & Technical Assistance Program offers free resources and templates to assist with your CSBG application process.

Help is available! Contact the CSBG Tribal Training & TA Team directly with any questions. We are here to help! 301-244-3557 or email us at tribalta@luxcg.com.