Please keep an eye out for the upcoming CSBG ASCI Survey. The survey will be open from January 7th through January 24th.

As part of CSBG’s Performance Management Framework, OCS has implemented the Federal Accountability Measures. Like the State Accountability Measures, the federal measures call for surveying the state and Tribal grantees, OCS’ customers, to determine how well we are meeting some of the measures. The ACSI survey provides the states and Tribes an opportunity to give OCS some constructive feedback. OCS will use the results of the survey to determine performance on the accountability measures and strategies for improving service to the States and Tribes.

Survey Details:

  • The survey will be conducted by the CFI Group, an independent third-party research organization.
  • The Lead CSBG Official for the Tribe will receive all notifications about the survey from the CFI Group, on behalf of OCS, via the email address of: It is important that the person who receives the survey not forward the email as this makes the survey inoperable. It is recommended that you check your spam and quarantine folders in case the survey is sent there.
  • Only one response per grantee will be accepted, but it is encouraged that you consult with all relevant team members within your organization, including fiscal staff, as you develop your response to the survey on behalf of your government.
  • All responses to the survey will remain anonymous. CFI will only provide OCS with aggregated data.
  • Once OCS receives the final survey report, the results will be communicate to the State and Tribal officials and tell you what actions are planned to take in response to the feedback.

OCS is committed to meeting the Federal Accountability Measures and to improving the services and tools it provides. Your feedback is a critical element to our ability to do this. OCS appreciates your participation in the upcoming survey!