Updates & Resources: CSBG FY20 Award Letters & COVID-19 Emergency Services

Dear CSBG Tribal Network,

As we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, we are sending you our heartfelt best as you tend to your communities. Please know that the T/TA team is set up to continue to serve you and help provide needed information, resources, and assistance. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help! Feel free to contact the Tribal T/TA anytime at tribalta@luxcg.com or 301-244-3557. Your OCS Program Specialist, Issac Davis, is also available to answers your questions and can be reached at isaac.davis@acf.hhs.gov or 202-401-5335.

To follow are the latest updates and resources. We will continue to send new information as it comes available. Please stay in touch.

All the best,
Nicole & Lali

Updates & Resources: