Tools & Templates

Need help with your CSBG application? Here are some excellent resources and tools for prospective and current Tribal grantees.

CSBG FY20 Tribal Plan & Application Tools


The CSBG Training & Technical Assistance Program for Tribes and Tribal Organizations developed a CSBG FY20 Tribal Plan & Application Guide and a Fillable-PDF tool designed  to make it easier for you to complete your CSBG Tribal Plan and application materials. Our goal is an easy and seamless application and reporting process!

Once the fillable-PDF is completed, it can be saved and uploaded directly to the OLDC system.

This comprehensive CSBG FY20 Tribal Plan & Application Guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing a CSBG Tribal Plan and application using the CSBG Tribal Plan Fillable-PDF form.

CSBG FY19 Annual Report Tools


The CSBG FY19 Annual Report Guide and Fillable-PDF tool are designed to make it easier for you to complete your CSBG FY19 Annual Report.

The CSBG FY19 Annual Report Guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing a FY19 CSBG Annual Report.

Use this CSBG FY19 Annual Report Fillable-PDF to complete a CSBG FY19 Annual Report.

The OLDC CSBG Tribal Annual Report Submission Process webinar provides instructions on how to submit the FY19 CSBG Annual Report in the Online Data Collection (OLDC) system and reviews required information for your Tribal Annual Report.

Additional Tools & Templates

Use this CSBG Mid-Year Check In checklist to evaluate the progress of your CSBG program in the current year & to begin planning for the next fiscal year.

To submit a complete and successful CSBG application and Annual Report, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation and original signatures. Use this Application & Renewal Checklist to make sure your materials are complete!

To gain access to the OLDC system, new administrators of current CSBG grantees must complete an OLDC Access Form and email it to Niki Frazier at

The CSBG program requires that all first-time Tribal grantees provide a signed letter by the State CSBG Administrator verifying that the State and the Tribe or Tribal Organization is in agreement on the Tribal population and poverty data for the proposed service area.

Download the template State Population Date Concurrence Letter.

The Letter of Transmittal is a cover letter to the Director, Office of Community Services. If there is a delegation of authority made by the CEO of the Tribe/Tribal Organization to certify the plan on their behalf, this information must be referenced. View or download the Template – Transmittal Letter.

The CSBG program requires that all Tribes provide documentation verifying the Federal or State recognition of the Tribe or Tribal organization covered by the submitted Plan.

  • Documentation for Tribes with Federal Recognition – please state your Tribe or Tribal Organizations name as it appears in the Federal Register.
  • Documentation for Tribes without Federal Recognition must include proof of their State recognition. This proof includes (1) a link to proof of State Recognition or (2) citation information for the State statute or code acknowledging State Recognition.

The CSBG program requires that services be provided to those who meet specific CSBG income guidelines. Review the resources below to learn more.

CSBG Assurances (which includes programmatic, administrative, and financial assurances) must show original signatures and be signed by the CEO. If the CEO has delegated this responsibility, a written confirmation of such a delegation signed by the CEO must be submitted with the application. View the Statement of CSBG Assurances in the CSBG Tribal Plan and Application Tool Guide.

The CSBG application requires original signatures on four Federal certifications. View or download each certification.

All CSBG Tribal grantees must submit a comprehensive Annual Report every year by December 30. The CSBG Annual Report is a narrative description of how the grantee met its CSBG goals and objectives. The report also describes CSBG program services, activities, beneficiaries, and accomplishments. Use the Annual Report Guidelines to make sure you are providing all the necessary information in your CSBG Annual Report.

Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about the CSBG Program and the Tribal application and renewal process by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions.