Program Cycle

The CSBG Program Cycle

CSBG offers flexibility to design a program that meets each Tribe’s unique needs. To support ongoing planning and program development, CSBG recipients are encouraged to use a continuous cycle, results-oriented planning, management, and accountability system.

The CSBG Program Cycle provides a framework that includes the following ongoing and continuous processes:

  • Assessment of Needs & Resources
  • CSBG Tribal Plan & Application
  • Service Delivery & Grant Management
  • Evaluation & Reporting
Program cycle graphic depicting the following four ongoing and continuous processes: Assessment of Needs and Resources, Tribal Plan and Application, Service Delivery and Grant Management, and Evaluation and Reporting.

Assessment of Needs & Resources

Provides information to help identify and prioritize the needs that can be addressed through CSBG funding for a new fiscal year(s).

CSBG Tribal Plan & Application

Defines the CSBG services and activities that will be implemented to address the assessed needs each fiscal year. Section 676(a) (2) (B) of the CSBG Act requires community feedback as part of the development of the CSBG Tribal Plan. Tribal recipients are required to provide evidence of public review, and Tribal Plan adjustments based on community feedback should be made as necessary.

Service Delivery & Grant Management

Effective service delivery and grant management follows the implementation and service delivery plan outlined in the CSBG Tribal Plan.

Evaluation & Reporting

Ongoing reflection throughout the year allow the program to adapt as needed. In addition, in preparation for the CSBG application for the new fiscal year, each Tribe prepares an Annual Report. Recipients must submit an Annual Report by December 30 every year (including recipients who submitted two-year CSBG Tribal Plans). The Annual Report is a narrative description of how the recipient met its CSBG goals and objectives and provides information on the types of projects supported by the current fiscal year CSBG funds.

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